Saturday, December 10, 2011

I have a question

no I don't expect anyone to answer it.
Here it is:
Why is it that the parents that shouldn't be expected to volunteer are the ones doing so?
For example, I KNOW my son won't be invited or expected to go on sports trips this year. Yet the cuter half and I show up, serve our time (volunteering) AND selling stuff....for things my son won't get to do. THERE are plenty of other parents that don't offer their time....and there are parents who like us go above and beyond.

Yet we go, to support the school and the activities our son is involved in. BUT if you really use the gray matter what it comes down to is WHY would any one like the cuter half and I even bother to help out or do extra?

First off, we are asked.

Simple right, we get asked to do stuff. It is HIGHLY unlikely that we would EVER volunteer. But if we are asked we do it. At least most of the time.

The other is that we get to pretend for a little while that we are like the gen parents. We aren't....and they know it but it is a nice little pretend on our parts,

We know that the other families refer to us as "the parents of THAT kid." At least they will know we are nice, sort of (just don't mess with our kid- or us- as I have said to people, "If I haven't given birth to it I don't hafta put up with it."). We have a little bit of a reputation to live down (or up to).

A reputation? US? Since when would we have a reputation (who knew?).

Oddly enough the cuter half informed me the other night that certain people might be intimidated by us. Who are you kidding hot stuff? US? we are the most mild mannered, easy going duo in the school's sandbox. We don't make waves, we prefer flying under the radar and we are subtle and unopinionated....after the cute one was able to get off the floor (he had a fit of laughter). He explained a few the fact I have some people on speed dial....and I use it when I have to. I am as subtle as a blunt axe; and the fact that I compare any of my pains to giving birth. I figure that if it doesn't hurt as bad as that...then I am not in pain (for a guy, imagine pushing a 6+lb bowling ball out your butt-that should tell you what it is like giving birth). For example, several years back I broke my foot. It was a pretty bad break. I was in a TON of pain. I could barely walk and I was still walking around with a swollen foot and ankle. TOTALLY unaware that there was a problem...except that it hurt. Well, me being me, I figured if I can still stand up on it; ain't broke. I was wrong. I ended up in a foot cast thingy for about 6 months....and it still hurts when I stand to long or am cold or tired. BUT the thing is....when you compart pain to something totally not the same it is pretty hard to keep your judgement in the right place.

I am still lost on the cute one's point... I am trying really hard to be low key.
Not really, I just don't like admitting he is right. Especially when I wish to God I were quiet shy and would be so much easier that way. Being a door mat is so simple.

What is with these parents in my age group,.....who came up with this sense of entitlement and that they are OWED anything? What you are owed is any penny you can find on the street or side walk... Now go over there put on the big person pants and GET OVER IT ALREADY. All these kids work hard and I think they have earned the right to go. Would I wish my son were able to go too, Hell yes. Will he be able to? No I doubt it- NOR do I expect it. He is not ENTITLED to go becuase he hasn't earned it this year. There isn't room for us to play the special ed card, which is really odious and annoying when you think about it in this scenario. In fact, because this is what it is there is NO way I would ever do would be completely wrong and inappropriate.
It took me explaining to someone WHY I would be willing to pay for stuff when my son doesn't get to go on sports trips and I do so gladly because I want the OTHER kids to be able to go.....maybe that is a dumb idea but why shouldn't we support our kids activities? What is the deal with these parents who don't think they need to volunteer? COME anyway, show up....bake your cookies, bread and give forth your ideas. EVERYONE is valuable and worthy of art teacher used to say that there is no bad idea.....each one is creative and can be used somehow.

Yet the parents of the kid who shouldn't even give a volunteer thing the time of day are there....ready to go and sell out of stuff and run around and work hard. Believe it or not, to the cuter one and I, it is worth it....

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