Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stop drinking my soy milk!

The boy has a thing for peppermint soy milk.
I like it too and so does the cuter half. However Mr. Piggy-pants (aka the boy) has decided that drinking a quart of it a day is acceptable as a option.
It's not.
This is a seasonable item and I have to pre order if I want it from the health food store. Terrific pain in the butt to get it and all that. Ergo I am going to ground him if he drinks any more of it. Unfortunately for the boy the Mom of the house is getting to the age where this kind of drink helps her with certain issues. Keeping soy milk around is kind of like keeping fish oil and cat food in the house.

What it comes down to is not being a rude, greedy pain in the butt. "I get tempted" is another phrase for "I am a rude greedy child and I want it so I take it and I don't care what you need."
To say that I am slightly annoyed is putting it mildly. I have been patient and it has wained. This eveing Mr. Piggy-pants drank almost ALL of it minus enough for 1 glass for me. I am ready to choke the self absorbed little twit and ground him for the rest of his young life. In Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood there is a part where the main character talks about how considerate you need to be to the people who love you. The boy needs to be MORE CONSIDERATE and not so blasted greedy. The amount of time and the fact that I like this too means that i have to take considerable time out of my day to go pick it up....and yes I will charge him for that too if I must.

Essentially, if I want something, I have to hide it. I have to learn to like stuff that is SO off the freaking chart that he would never be willing to try it. That is unreasonable and totally off the charts even for a Mom of a special needs child like I am.

I know, in the ultimate scheme of things, this is really nothing but when someone is SUCH a twit it is all I can do to NOT smack him one and ask him if he grew up in a gutter. Which I won't do and it is a good thing the boy is in bed now because by the time I see him in the AM I will have calmed down a bit.

It reminds me a lot of a certain un-named person who would drink almost an entire gallon of milk in one sitting. That is a person I wanted to smack too because that person was taking things from a child who needed it....but that is another story all together.

Anyway Mr Piggy-pants is gonna learn a lesson tomorrow.....and it may involve PAYING me for the 15 quarts of peppermint soy milk he has gotten thru since break started. Sadly, that seems to be the only thing he understands; I have to charge him for things before he grasps that by the end of the week he will be broke and I will have his money that he blew because of "tempation" and NO I don't give him the money back.

Hopefully he will learn consideration but right now I am just so ticked off.....

I wonder how much I can bill him for mileage and telephone time to find a store that actually has what I am looking for.


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  2. OK.
    This was supposed to be a commentary on personal responsiblity and not being greedy.
    If that is what you think that is totally your call.
    Thanks for commenting.


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