Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday gathering- and other thoughts

Recently, the cuter half and I decided to plan some stuff out.
We did some planning in case life happened and we made some definitive plans regarding the boy.
IT was a goal we had for the year and frankly, last summer precipitated what we decided to do. It was hard. I don't want to think about this stuff. I don't want to worry about the boy and what he would do.

We found out that we are in a pretty good spot and we have "people". It is nice to have "people" and having "people" means we can sleep at night. Or at least I can.

That is nice to know.

We don't really have a formal "support" group any longer. That was renched from us by someone who will remain unnamed (even by nickname) and we have been flying solo ever since. Although we are back at where we were prior to having the support group we are finding that many people are in our position and the quasi support group we, and others, have made up is really quite sophisticated and nice to be with.

Did you know that there is a fireplace DVD that you can turn your television into a fireplace? Prior to this year we didn't know such a thing existed. The cuter half bought an inexpensive one for us and you know, I miss the fireplace at my parents old home. IT was nice.....and we were able to use it for parties and it was a place to mellow out and just relax. We sort of had it, with out the heat, the other evening.

The group was quiet, I am hoping no one was bored, but the "fireplace" was there and it was NICE. No drama, like we usually have to deal with at school or larger parties with Aspies and families. The kids were in the boy's room hanging out (television is broken so that was out) and the "adults" (wait, I'm an adult? When did that happen?) ate sweets and hung out in the family room....

To us, who are used to major drama (OMG I lost my flash drive, OMG I lost my ______  shoes, OMG I broke my lunch bag and threw it out); it was relaxing.
Even better, the boy was taught an object lesson. He learned that going to a party and staying out late means that the parents of the house are still gonna make him go to his sports thing then next day. As a good friend said, "If you are gonna party with the boys you have to get up with the men." He's right.

So the boy learned that partying with the boys means that you miss out on certain things. He didn't like that much. But he learned it and better to learn in now in HS than learn in as an adult.....when making mistakes like that count for a lot more. At least they do where I am coming from viewpoint wise. I am certain a lot of people wouldn't concurr with that thought.

So anyway we had a party, yes we did, in a house that is not fit for a planned event. IT was fit for the great group of people we got to hang out with and enjoy.

Support group? We have ours. DO you have yours?

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