Friday, December 9, 2011

The boy knows

quite a bit actually.

He is learning to be nice, polite and offer rides home to people who need them.

It's all about karma...which is a new age term but I don't mean it in a new age way. Naturally, I have come up with my own definition (why should that surprise anyone). Treat others the way you would like to be treated....I do my best and there are times when I fail miserably.

There are times when we all have to put our feet down and be "firm". There are those who have been "firm" with me in the last year...and I have been "firm" in response. The boy knows we are VERY "firm", strict too...oh and he better have a "please" and "thank you" in there somewhere as well.

I have noticed that now is the time for the boy to be doing other things....he has places to go and people to see and most of the time it doesn't involve the cute one and I.
Doing homework on his own, staying on the "B" honor is an adjustment for the cuter half and myself.

He earned his bedroom door back....yesterday to be precise. Why, because he helped a classmate who was in serious need. We are very proud of him.....he did a really good thing. Ergo, he got the door back. Frankly, loosing his bedroom door is REALLY more of a punishment for his parents than for him. I am not going into the details as to WHY it is a punsihment for us....just trust me on this one, OK?

Kids like ours don't always pay attention to others, and we are trying hard to get ours to be nice, helpful and polite....most people don;t get why. but that is the goal.
I think the other thing is, people don't realize HOW HARD it is for a kid like ours to be in sports. Especially the ones he is is darn rough out there. For a kid with sensory issues these sports are brutal.

AND it is good for him. The boy needs it. ALOT. Although, he is like me and Marching Band in HS. I was not the most talented muscisian. BUT I did go to everything....and was on time, in my uniform when it was a bazillion degrees and we were dropping like flies and I was there....keeping going and not about to loose control and fall down or pass out during that UNBEARABLY hot Memorial Day Parade where we stood out in the blasted field and about had heat stroke....The boy is like me (shockers); he will go, he will participate, he will have his uniform on and he will stand at attention follow directions and work well with his team.

This is what our Aspies need to do. They NEED to follow directions, put up shut up and go do it and knock off the whining.

Our boy is learning it, and picking up least for today.

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