Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Scones

Every year the boys make me scones.

I have learned to love scones. When I was younger I thought they were nasty. As time has gone by I learned to like the taste, texture and having one with coffee or tea. Mine aren't like the ones served at Sandringham Estate for the holiday. Mine are made by my husband and son, for me. Mine are better. The ones the boys make me aren't perfection...they are made for ME with a ton of love and a bunch of other things besides. They aren't made by staff or a grocers.....they are made at home.

As I have gotten older, (ewww I'm older now? how did that happen) I have found that i appreciate stuff more. I am more crunchy, I am more into what happens to the environment and I want my son to learn the same stuff. In fact, we have discovered that he has learned some things from us almost too well. We got something the other day and his comment was, "Who should we give that to? Maybe _____'s  baby?" As the cuter half said, "Well at least we know we have brought him up right."

The boy has gotten the recycling down pat.

Now to enjoy the scones!

I hope all of you readers have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the day for what it is, the birth of Christ. Please appreciate your kids, and let them experience Christmas the best way they can....the lights, bells, sounds can be overwhelming, but they can learn to enjoy the parts that are available to them....don't stress....just appreciate.

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