Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's the holidays!

For the uninitiated there are those of us special ed families that ABSOLUTELY love the holiday breaks.

First off we get a break from school. We don't have to think about school, worry about school think about the next day's issues and or show up at a moments notice for 2 WHOLE WEEKS.

Rock on Seymour!

There are NO phone calls from counselors, teachers, the school nurse (always frightening) and NO HOMEWORK.

Ironically, the cuter one and I LOVE school. The boy is remarkably sucessful there and is doing well in his classes. We just need a MAJOR BREAK from school.....

I know, how often do I turn to Pink Floyd? This stuff is great and classic....and my rebellion music from when I was a kid.

ONTO the annual celebrations....OK not really, just making some cookies.

Including the annual Holiday LETTER below- a two fer one.....better than going to Carsons.
Annually we write a letter for our family and friends.
This year we upgraded a bit and we had help from our lovely little kitties.
We giggled during the process and we hope you like it too.... if we don't laugh during stressful times we don't have anything.

Dear Family and Friends of the Human Pets,

This year the humans of the house are very busy and unable to write a Christmas letter themselves so the task has fallen upon me, Trouble, and my brothers Bert and Garfield. We are not sure what our Daddy has been doing other than he works at the same place he has now for five years, helping sick people afford their medical bills, our Mommy is going on __ years at her job, she does something with _____________ and talking to people on the phone. The food dishes are full so we are happy, they could stand to turn the heat up during the day as it is cold in the house in the winter, and we would prefer the food dishes to be fuller during the day as well. A kitten needs 12 square meals a day.
The boy child is a Junior this year at some place called _____________. He appears to be doing fine too, as he is gone all day and we do not have to see him until he comes home from ________. He leaves most days by _____ and returns around _____. Not that we keep track of those things, but we enjoy the peace of having Mommy and Daddy to ourselves. The boy child is now just under _ foot tall and is on JV _______, it is his ___ year of ________. He also wants to become a ____ and has been taking _______ classes at ________. You would not know it though as the food dishes could stand to be fuller, especially with shrimps and lobsters. Mommy and Daddy also say he has all A’s and Bees in school, we don’t believe them as he never brings home any honey.

The boy child did bring home an award for service to the school, he helped save the life of a fellow teammate how had collapsed in the locker room and the boy found the coach and called 911 to have an ambulance come to the school. He has been told he saved the other human pet’s life. He was at the right place at the right time. Now if only he would feed us.
The boy child has also been learning to drive. Mommy comes home from riding with him full of the Holy Spirit. We can hear the “Oh my Gods” a mile away from the house so we know they are close to being home. We think she may have become a Quaker as she shakes a lot and just mutters “Oh my God, Oh my God, save me”, over and over. Daddy tells us the boy child is doing fine and will have his license this spring, in time to drive us to the cabin on vacation.

Speaking of vacation, we had a great one this year at the cabin, 10 days of lounging in the sun and watching the ducks and birds and boats and chipmunks and crows and eagles and deer and dreaming of eating them. The boy child tried to feed us fish from the lake, but we did not like it much, he has become a pretty good fisherman. Unfortunately, there were no mousies in the cabin this year so we could not hunt like we like. Mommy says we were good boys too, as we did not get sick on the ride up or back and I sat on her lap only part of the way.
As for the kitties of the house we are all fine, we would appreciate any care packages you may want to send, we like Fancy Feast, pork roast, roast turkey, ham and seafood, we do not like roast beef. We also like being brushed and played with, if you are in the neighborhood, the three of us are always here, and the humans are always here too, even though Mommy says we only get two meals a day, we would prefer more and would not tell her if you slipped us some extra.

Meowy Christmas,

Sorry about the editing. There are parts removed for personal reasons!!
Happy Christmas!!!

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