Thursday, December 29, 2011

if a hat fits doesn't mean it was meant for you

if a hat fits doesn't mean it was meant for you

This is what I call an "almost" quote from the Anne Series by LM Montgomery. I sort of have the idea but I am not patient enough to skim thru the books to find exactly what I am looking for (typical).
Many times there are statements made, sometimes by preachers, sometimes by others and it will sting. Hard.

When that happens to me, which it does frequently.....being the modicum of virtue that I am it means I mess up quite well and often. I remember reading that quote. Anne was talking to a neighbor and the neighbor was saying that someone was angry at a preacher.....Anne came up with that statement and it was a very true comment. Which, naturally, is why it stuck in my head.

For then and for now. Just because a comment during a sermon comes close to home....doesn't mean it was meant for one person only. IT could be meant for an experience, a thought or a multitude of things all at the same time.....I know a lot of times I write and there is much mayhem...sometimes it is for a specific thing and sometimes it is general observation. Most of the time it is offensive only to those who know that they have offended. Which is why, when you hear a sermon that makes you want to crawl under the pew you may need to stop, reflect and know that you are responding to it for a reason a pastor I used to know told me once that when that happened it was God speaking to me and telling me to fix whatever it was.
He taught me how to listen to a sermon and that there are times when a sermon will say one thing to one person and something else to someone else. It is all good.....and maybe you will learn something from it.

I know I have.

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