Friday, December 30, 2011

Pygmalion- G.B. Shaw

"The great secret, Eliza, is not having bad manners or good manners or any other particular sort of manners, but having the same manner for all human souls: in short, behaving as if you were in Heaven, where there are no third-class carriages, and one soul is as good as another."

The thing with manners is that most of the time my son doesn't have them.
He is aware of what they are and that using a napkin or a tissue is a good thing. He doesn't choose to do it. He is my little gutter snipe....and I am always at him to work harder and try more and do more and....well you get the idea,

I found this great thing on I-Books. The Project Gutenberg does free classics. This is great stuff. I can catch up on my old fav's and read things I never had a chance to before.

Since reading Pygmalion I have been humming tunes from "My Fair Lady" I have always LOVED that musical and although the ending is WAY different than in Pygmalion it is a grand story.

Sometimes I feel like Higgin's teaching Eliza sounds with the boy. The isn't getting it....or pretending not to. Like the part in the musical where they start singing, "The  rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain." IT is a great bit and although not totally like the play at all....very entertaining song.

IT isn't just the manners for an Aspie. It is the listening too. The boy has missed out on an opportunity and he feels badly about it. He went someplace today and wasn't asked to do anything. He just sat there and read books and watched matches. He was bored.
The last time he went on an overnight he didn't listen to the coach and he got in trouble and he didn't get asked back and it is unlikely he will be asked to go and stay there again.....I don't blame them but the joke that he and someone else played on someone else was funny, but right now he feels like a "criminal" because he was in a location that reminds him of things he didn't like and it made him uncomfortable.

I am not mad that they played the joke. I think it was funny.
I am sad that my son feels badly that this  person they played the joke on  was sucessful in making the boy think that he really doesn't want him around at all and the boy knows it and feels really badly about it. At least that is what the boy told me at first- he changed his story when I took it to the coach and made the cuter one and I sound like dopes (gosh so what else is new?). So who knows what to believe.....he is either good with it or not....I wish the boy would leave the drama for the bedroom mirror and keep it away from the rest of us.

This is supposed to be an experience that makes him want to try harder and work more and unfortunatley that isn't going to happen. As he put it to me, "Going to ____ for me is kind of like going to ___ for you. You never want to go there again and you hate the thought of it. I didn't know where we were going today and if I had I wouldn't have wanted to be there."


Not only did he make a MAJOR connection he relayed it well. He is right. Going to __ is something I hope I NEVER have to do again. I left there and don't ever want to go back or even visit....UGH.

Time for the boy to hit the showers. Hopefully it will calm him down AND make for a better day tomorrow.

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