Thursday, September 29, 2011

We are tired

There is something to be said for being tired.
Most of the time we are so busy we don't know we are tired. Last night we met a new person and gave him a rundown of what has gone on with us. From the therapy almost every night of the week, to the cuter half working obscene hours as a manager.....and we are better off now with less money but more family time.

Talking about all of that made me tired. I think that most people don't realize the amount of effort we put into having a kid like ours. He is very high maintenance.....and we are working very hard to make certain he is an effective person in society and not a drain on the resources.

It ain't easy.

Sometimes I read about things, or comments people make/made and I realize that we are kind of in the dark ages. Most of the time, those people have no idea what they are saying, what things are like or what is really going on. It is hard to read, but it is good for me to read makes me re-evaluate what I am writing about and why I am doing it.

I am doing the right thing. Although my readership is comparatively small to most, it  is something that people need to read about. Most of us parents, or should I say parents in our situation, don't have the energy to post what we really think. Since the cuter half and I decided this was something that needed done....well I make myself have the energy.

This has been a tiring week: we started off with what I will call the "big coverup" that was a BIG shock to the cuter half and I, to then deciding how to set things up financially for the future, to getting the boy into the orthodontist. Then helping my Mom with her stuff....which needed done and she is fine.
We are so worn out.
On another note, I had been told that the Mom thing is "my job". Well if it were my job I would be getting paid and I don't get paid so it is what I do because I am a good daughter. Besides, I like hanging out with my Mom, she is a hoot.SO for the person that said that, "No I haven't forgotten it and you are not worthy of further response." (bothers me still that someone would be so ignorant as to mention it....I am not their personal house-elf)

Anyway, this whole thing with running around....we have more to do and it isn't the end of the week yet. I think we know the direction we are going with things, and we are almost comfortable with that, but we are in a state of flux....there is so much to consider when planning out things. It is kind of scary but completely necessary.

 In other news: I am happy to report that my assistant editor, Garfy, is back at his post on the printer. His ability to print what does not need to be printed is legendary. His kitty-hugs are a constant source of comfort when I am worn out, tired or just cranky. The new talent of purring has increased Garfy's viability and he is definitely a literary kitty giant. His posing in a box of "Cuties" is his statement on how absolutely adorable he really is.