Monday, September 12, 2011

NEw docs

For the first time in YEARs we are going to meet up with a new doc.

This isn't just go in and make an appointment and rock on wiht information. This is GO IN, have the prior evaluations, IEP, medical recommendations, work study reports, sports notes and if necessary information from teachers, administrators and any other person that you have hired to check out your kid.

Going to a new doc is like going to the dentist getting ALL your teeth pulled out and not having novicane.

It is that much fun. Maybe that is why we haven't gone to ANY new docs in 10 years. We have kept contact with all the ones we started with....I had to dig out ALL the information on the boy since the dawn of evaluations. Total pain in the poop.

I have the papers, I have the evals, I have the binder. They aren't in the binder. Where did they go. Oh that's right we used them for this other thing and they got put here. Now for the latest IEP. I looked all over the office....and although the office is kind of a pit, we can actually find things if we are tired or drunk enough to remember where we put it (KIDDING).

I finally wimped out and asked the boy's case manager for a copy. So we have two, when I find the first is here I am just NOT going thru a pile of crapola to figure it out and there is NO PLACE to put it all and no room to store it.

Another reason NOT to "doc hop". Why keep everything on hand and available? We NEVER thought we would look at another eval again. Why should we? Been there done that, wrote the book. Besides we have been to Dr. Day-late-dollar-short", Dr Dope, and several others that did evals that were totally off the mark, WE have others that are better and although I wasn't HAPPY with the doc (he lied to me about another issue) the eval was pretty much spot on. The current group of docs that we have are amazing. We like them as people and almost pretend they are family. We hear from them a little more than we have from some of our family.

Besides Doc's hate it when you "doc hop", It means that there is a lack of continutiy in the care and unless the doc is totally a brainless wonder/scratch that a commonsenseless wonder....there may not be a real need to make a change. We rarely do.

But we are going to see a new one. Although HIGHLY recommended I am not enthusastic. I am a little suspicious. Our prior experiences with social workers and such is pretty tenuous at best. When the boy was younger I used to ask them if they lived in the real world or lala land when they would tell me to "Use a card to tell the boy to "stop"' Pretty lame. We will give this new one a shot....I feel sorry for her (in a sick and demented way) because she is dealing with jaded parents who have done this a time or two and pretty much we have exhausted the resources here.....

I know, social workers are people too. I have yet to meet one in the private field that is able to speak "parent of a child on the spectrum" The cuter half has more faith than I do. I am much more sceptical. Seriously, the ones on TV look like they came off the "Hippie Show" or something. What is up with that? I don't mind the jeans, or the bed head hair; I do mind the "let's show how we can do this project" and then later encouraging the boy to practically fail because doing classwork isn't working for him (hello?). OR discussions about "team parenting" without knowing which parent you are speaking to.....that is another classic. My fav is the ones who call the boy by another boy's name....those I usually refuse to pay....they are working for someone else....because I don't know a boyin my house with that name.

IT has been a long day. I am tired....time for all good Mommies to go to bed.