Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Functioning concerns

Did you know that the resources for a higher functioning Aspie are pretty darn limited? Since we don't think there would be many people to check up on the boy if anything happened to us we have been looking at options.

To put it bluntly; there are not many.

I have to call to get put on lists and pray that they would be able to help him function if the cuter half and I weren't around. We have to teach him details and everything. Fortunately some of the classes he has been taking will help him. IT would be nice to feel like we had more than a couple of people to help him if necessary. Neither of us see that happening though. That, to us, is sad.  After last summer his trust level is pretty low.

Kids like ours get taken advantage of, stolen from, and that is just the begining. Looking at setting things up to protect the boy is time consuming and expensive and worth it.

We are fortunate that he is able to function as well as he does. Now to get the rest of it in place so we can sleep at night.