Friday, September 16, 2011


We need to organize.
The boy still needs to organize his stuff, put the new things away and write thank you notes. We are a tad slow.
We had this was pretty large, for us. It went really well. At least that is what we think, we have had some reviews and the two big reviews were newbies; that are so nice....they had never been to one of our yard parties before so it was a new thing for them. Our yard or garden parties are just the yard. we use our patio and we try to decorate outside (it is automatically decorated outside with flowers) is a given and because we decided to celebrate a lot we had to organize WHAT we were celebrating, when we did it and how it went.

Going back to my nerves about having parties in the first place, I suppose. A good friend brought muffins (thanks for that, they were great) another came a looonngg way with ALL of her kids and the one fixed out computer (YEA) and we saw family, friends and just enjoyed everything. I saw another good friend, my second mama and we got to hang with family.....and RELAX.

Ergo the need to write thank you notes.

THe thing is, we have been swamped since the party.....almost constant activities, the boy had club and a serve and some other stuff going on. Meetings, doc appointments....stuff like that.
Oddly enough we had a cancellation last night....I was doing the happy dance. We got to stay home....and realize our neighbors (?) have a skunk....or maybe it is us....who knows.

All of this stuff requires ORGANIZATION. I am encoraging the boy to use his Rush system....when it is USED right it does work....but he tells me that he is lazy. TOUGH BEANERS. Right now we are on a system where he earns points (like an allowance) for doing everything right....after a certain # of points he can cash them in for $$ for something he is saving for.....hopefully we can be consistent enough to keep it is hard for us we try but sometimes life gets in the way and we have to go back to being inconsistent and try again later (drives us nuts).

The cuter half went through a BIG pile of stuff that had collected. We found things we needed to save from 5+ years ago and receipts we needed to save and other stuff. OMG. and we still need to organize even more with all the evaluations, IEP stuff and get everything in one place. We really need a new filing system the one we have is working but even now it is hard to get to and maintain.

Organization is being learned and re-learned.

Even with that, we still had a great party....

And we are happy to say that the pictures look like it really was good enough for a planned family event. I would post more...but they have people in them and I don't have permission for use.