Friday, September 16, 2011

Bullies part 2

We know a bully.
We have dealt with a bully.
We are no longer patient with this particular bully.

This is a bully who has threatened to harm our son, ourselves, our home, our cars our cats (taking them out to murder and skin the cats was my favorite).
This bully is a child whose whacked up hippy parents tell us "Our son would never do that." Whatever. These are parents who have bullied other parents and have wreaked havoc within our small special ed community. They are a nightmare. Their son is worse. The difference is now, I call them on it and I have little or no patience with their garbage. Hippy purile nonsense.

This bully threatened out son again. Not with words, but with actions. Our son is terrified. We have had to walk around the house with him lock all the windows, doors and then check the cars and lock those windows too. Yet this bully is allowed to continually harrass our son after it has been reported to the school. NO MORE.

I was bullied as a kid and I will tell you I never filed a report and neither did my parents. I was assalted too. I had a broken finger afterwards and it never did heal correctly. My son will not suffer as I did.
I will put up with a lot of crap. I will not tolerate a bully. ANY Bully.

I don't care if this bully was in the classroom for less than 5 min. This kid is to be kept away from my son no matter what.

Monday will be here soon and there will be much to discuss.

I know a bully and it will stay away from me, the cuter half, my son and my home.