Thursday, September 22, 2011

Using technology

The use of technology at schools is increasing.

The use of technology at the school we are in, well isn't. We have tried to get our son to use his assigned technology for school things- worksheets, papers. The big problem is that the teachers aren't digging it (except for science and history). Using google docs is kind of like getting into a foreign language. When we try to explain the use of it...well it doesn't happen.

Right now the boy is mad at me. I asked his social worker and case manager WHAT he was using the current technology for? Is it writing papers? what is going on with it? What classes are using it? Well whatever they said to him he has absolutely flipped a cork. He would be better off with a laptop but then we are back at the use of technology again. Would he use it for the school items? probably, he wrote almost all of his papers on it his first year.
He is a mess: the joy of Aspie hormones.  Oh and according to the boy: they told him it was my fault...nice. I got yelled at for the better part of an hour. I am now avoiding contact and trying to stay away from getting yelled at some more.....
I even did the unorthodox and recomended that he download a free book program and look at free textbooks (I got yelled at about that one too).

If they could only use technology in a classroom or use a white board or whatever they have spent $$ on instead the worksheets are on paper, with uneditable PDF's (although we are taxpayers so it must be our fault).

The kid is having a cow......walked out of here madder than a wet hen, Unfortunately I can't reach anyone to tell them he is pissed off. Why should I? he is mad at me anyway and very angry....I left work early to take him to his thing and he was so mad at me he left and refused the ride. Off he walked....hope he has a good practice.

The thing is, some of what they did isn't very helpful. I got upset about a conference call this week and for some obtuse reason none of them can understand why. Generally when there hasn't been full disclosure it is a little hard for me to accept being blindsided by obscure comments. Naturally, this is all our fault as well....our son has aspergers you know and we can't expect those kids to do things like other kids do. Oddly enough, I haven't been the one saying that....but other people have strongly given us that impression. Again we go back to expectations and on a general societal level expectations are at a minimum. Wonder what Edison's Mom said to that?

Oh that's right, I forgot....most people don't have expectations of kids on the spectrum. They are not normal society so these kids are not expected to do things the way others should. Oh, yes that right, it is the parents fault.

Forgot about that part. How silly of me.