Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Great titles

I really have to start writing my blog titles down when I think of them.
Here I am, ready to write and can't think of a single decent title.

There are several issues at play. One in particular I can't discuss yet....still too fresh and I am extremely hurt.....those are the ones it takes a while for me to process and talk about. The cuter half is much more eloquent; he can at least write about it and talk to the people that need to know. All I can do is cower and try to recuperate in the background.

The others are pretty basic.
Right now we are excited about one of the boys classes. He gets to do an extra credit report about a modern interesting and we are really excited about using the information he got when we were there last weekend....I know, a report for a kid excites the family but when you talk to the people that live there it is way cool.

Sometimes a glass of wine helps at dinner too. Tonight we had a very late dinner for us. We were doing stuff and the boy had a question about Thomas Jefferson and well one thing lead to another and we were finally eating dinner around 7:30. That's late even on a meet night. I guess all my rambling is to diffuse a very distressing issue. Actually I am trying not to think about it. I know I need to but I also need some space.....and when it becomes all encompassing then it is too much.

Right now, I need documentation. On everything. On whatever anyone tells me regarding the boy you damn well better have paperwork signed and notorized to back your sorry butt up.

Oh an writen apology would work wonders too- just saying.