Sunday, September 25, 2011

Making Applesauce

Making applesauce is kind of like making mush.

We did it as a family this year. Although in the past it has been just me doing it. This year I had help. The boy chopped, used the corer thing and got rid of bad spots. His abilities got better as time went on....but the corer thing was a challenge but fun to use. Fortunately we have 2.

I read in the paper today about an Aspie that is in prison. He was sending threatening messages to an ex-girlfriend and it sounds like some other people his parents included.

I got upset after reading it. I cried, not only for the kid who it doesn't sound like had appropriate guidance, but for the parents.....who may or may not have understood that the choices they had offered may or may not be appropriate for someone with Aspergers. Frankly, from my viewpoint I doubt I would let the boy move that far away with out one or both of us going with him. There are better schools that have supports and that have them in place if they actually know about what is going on.

The article in the paper scared me. The worst of it is, this is how people see ALL the kids. Portential criminals in the making and the parents aide and abet them. We are seeing it at the school level too. Why have goals and expectations for these kids they are all loosers.... none of them will do well and all they will do is waste our taxpayer dollars in education....naturally they would never say that but as a parent of a kid like ours we can tell they are thinking it.

God, fighting an uphill battle with these people. Our son is very good. He has morals, and he has direction....but then an article in the paper about a kid on the spectrum who eats with his fingers and is in prison. Thanks alot....that's helpful.

Why can't someone write about us? Normal (ok our normal) with a kid who does well, and uses the damn utensils and isn't going to go to jail? He may not be doing EVERYTHING right but by God he does do a lot right.....and what makes the front page of the paper, "Hey look an other Aspie goes to jail and is completely off the bend."

Nice thing to read on a lovely Sunday morning...All I want to do right now is crawl under the bed and hide. I wonder if Trouble left any room for me.