Saturday, June 11, 2011

Working on the chain gang

There are some days when we are just working on the chain gang. Or at least that is what it feels like.
Stangely enough the cuter one and I were trying to figure out WHY we weren't able to get all our gardening done. We do it outselves and have some STUNNING flowers.

One of the plants we have is a yucca plant. If you have ever tried to transplant one of those you would say "Yucca" too. The roots on this thing are as hard as a brick. I thought for sure we were gonna bust the spade. The plant was SOOOO big we ended up separating it into 5 sections. 4 of the sections were moved to a new location; the last staid where it was originally planted. We then decided to move some other things and make a new bed on part of the lawn. This is a  lot of work....we  haven't worked this hard in a LONNG time.

The boy decided that helping us was the better option. That and he was bored. He has been home a total of one afternoon and was BORED out of his mind. The worst of it is that we found out that his internship isn't for as long as we thought. It is a shorter time frame.....but who is complaining? At least he gets to go. Anyway, he toted dirt bags and then helped pick up grass edging....then was a tad dirty so took a shower. Essentially the cuter one and I had a " mud mask" on our hands since we used 6 bags of dirt to set up the new garden plot.

Expanding the strawberry patch so we could grow MORE organic strawberries sounded like a good idea. Ok we were gonna do this about 10 years took us this long to get the job done. We are a little slow on the uptake. We need more cement edgers though (If you have red scalloped ones and want to get rid of them let me know....I have about 20 more feet to go and need more dirt.
The boy saw the potential in being able to grow his own strawberries and make his own things with the organic ones we have the potential of really getting a good patch going.

 I realized today that the boy liked gardening about as much as I did as a kid (ewww, no thanks). Like out home cluttered with knicknacks and too many sets of dishes; our garden is cluttered with overgrown flowers.....a bazillion rose bushes of differing size and varieties. It all needs cleaned out; although the cuter one and I are so pathetic we can't throw any of the plants away.

Much of the problem with him is the texture. He needs to get over that part.....goopy stuff is part of life, deal with it clean it up and be done.

We still aren't done with the garden and little does the boy realize that he will be out there getting dirty and helping with the garden tomorrow as welll. IT is time for him to learn to do things he doesn't like and put up and shut up and just go do it......Now that is being flexible  :-)