Sunday, June 26, 2011

trying to show a good example.

This is a stretch for us right now.
Since the tornado, we have been working on cleaning up the yard, catching up on laundry (it was up to our ankles) and cleaning up Trouble pee.

Trouble is a delicate little flower kitty (he is the one laying on the pillow, not the top one that's Bert). Trouble is the size of a small fact, he could sit on most small dogs and squish them like a bug. Naturally this could happen if he weren't terrified of them. During the tornado Trouble lost his mind and went to the boy's room and our room and proceeded to unload his bladder on the beds. We have done everything we can to clean it. I think we finally have the solution: White Vinegar, and Baking soda. The eau de Trouble is finally disappated and after another dosing should be completely gone.

After Trouble's debacle, he went and hid under our bed for 2 days.

BOth the cuter one and I wish we could have joined him. We think Trouble had the right idea....minus the peeing on the beds thing. The hidning under the bed would have been a nice break for everyone.

We had the neighbor issue, and frankly, we were not amused when someone 2 houses down asked us WHY the guys fixing our tree would knock on our neighbor's door and not ours. Who was paying the bill anyway? I did contact the tree people and ask them why they contacted our neighbor and not us....we were paying the bill after all.

The cute one and I are still working on the being nice thing. I guess where we struggle is what we have gone thru in the last year.....where did being nice to this other family get us? We didn't force the grade school to not allow their little monster to graduate, and WE SHOULD HAVE. We haven't pushed it with the village about the sirens....well that isn't true....but we could be A LOT WORSE.

The boy has noticed a difference in the "fabric of the home" and is stepping up. He has helped with the beds, and will checking on Trouble ...... He is more confident this weekend and we don't know why but for what it is worth we will take it. Maybe he is realizing that contact with people changes, or that sometimes there are people who don't like his parents at all because we think ALOT differently than most parents of kids on the spectrum. We are anti video game, we despise WOW.....and there are those of you WHO KNOW WHAT THAT IS.....we won't allow potentially addictive games near our home,....we banned Mario several years back.

What kind of horrible monster parents are we? (don't answer that)

Did your kid eat cornish game hens, salad, fruit, corn on the cob, and tricolored new baby potatoes for dinner? Ours did, and most Aspies would be down for the count with the texture of the game hens.

So here we are, back where we started several years ago....a quiet Sunday evening, the boys watching TV and I am blogging.....we aren't social, much. But we are less stressed out and a lot happier without having to defuse why we are evil parents for not allowing a constant barage of video games and junk food in our house......

Which goes back to the being it being nice or being socially acceptable? Or are we nice because we are apologizing for our son and his disability. WHICH is totally sick and demented....but it is a possiblity. Especially when we see gens acting worse than ours does......then we actually feel pretty good about things.