Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finals- the final frontier

This is the last day of this is the DAY before the last day of finals.
Tomorrow is margarita night for the cuter one and I...although inviting some friends over for drinks might happen too.

The big question is "Why are finals different for us than most people?"
Here are a couple of answers.
1. The boy.
The boy feels lonely when reading alone. Alhtough right now I am considering having him tested for dyslexia (family trait); he has told me that he feels alone when reading and wants someone to be nearby to keep him focused. It has been made known to me if he looks at a page all he sees is a page of words and nothing makes sense to gets all mixed into mish-mash.

2. Organization.
The organization of study guides is rather beyond him. He is getting better at it but if it is a BIG study guide then it is likely that it is difficult to organize for him and he is not able to keep it all together. This year's study guides were very consuming. The boy came to me in a panic over his science one....he did the research and I did the helping. that was a first.

3. Actually studying- To dream the impossible dream

.... an aspie studying on his own without his parents forcing him to do it over and over in his head....that is where we are right now. The boy needs to study on his own or we need to get rid of any electonic devices (computer, TV, remote, Cable, Ipods, cell phones) You name it the thing needs to go if he is going to study on his own without support. We are STILL WORKING on this one. Although I am considering taking the week of finals off so he will study.....if he were to get all "A's" that is what we would have to do with him.

Forcing a kid to do what the Gen's do is no easy task. They are REQIRED to do it in a prior age. These kids were forced to sit in a chair and get thru the day. Our son was forced to sit in a chair and he came out of the "rubber room" because he was so BORED by sitting alone he wanted to be in a classroom. That is what makes the boy sucessful....he earned his way out and can do it but needs to focus.

Can we teach focusing or do we just uplug everything and shut off the fuses for a is a thought........