Monday, June 6, 2011

The wheels on the bus

fall off once in a while.ALLEGORICALLY - they fall off.

Mistakes happen, stuff gets sent, work goes missing the black hole in the house eats the spare sock that the washer either ate or puked.....You can find a kitty toy mousie somewhere that it isn't supposed to be....OMG...what IS THAT??? The Kitty Toy is headless and the catnip went WHERE????

This is just at home; even better at school the wheels fall off the bus. That's what we, in this house, call having to call the school after "AH HA" moments (or "DUH" moments, but those don't happen as often). Generally, we TRY not to pester, call or ask too many questions. Most of the time we don't want to know the why torture ourselves and ask?

Last two weeks the wheels have fallen off the bus, rolled down the highway and went smash into a retaining wall......and that is just the funny stuff that happens....the typos on forms, and the asking for the electronics back when the boy is in summer school (I am missing a charger; the school needs to return mine). then trying to find out where the boy is 2 hours after an internship interview (OMG he is so well trained he won't text me at school to tell me he is there!!) Then returning text books prior to finals....we are still processing that one-

IT is FUNNY; it is and laughter is the only thing we parents have left at the end of the year to keep our sanity.....think about it, studying, working on homework, the book with directions....ummmm we need the book to do the homework to work on the study guides, to teach the class to......hug the dog, to feed the cat to look at the house that Jack built..... yes I know the link is to a homeschool thing...relax. I am not espousing it nor would I diss it either. It all has to work for your family.....for us, the public educational system works but that doesn't mean it works for everyone.

IF we didn't have a sense of humor the mental wheels in our house would have fallen off ages ago. It is only because we find this stuff amusing that we are able to have any kind of brain cell function at all.

So today kids, we are singing "The Wheels on the bus" by the LuLu's