Friday, June 3, 2011

A glass of wine at dinner

Ok, I know I know, either you are gonna kick my butt or chastise me for being a drunk at the end of the week. Whatever.
It has been a long week here at the OK Corral. We have studied for finals, tutored impossible math assignments, and then the best part was clueless for about 3+ hours about where the boy was. The last we need to get used to.
He is growing up.
Fortunately the cuter one came up with the fabo idea of cleaning out the fridge from leftovers; wine included. We are SO TIRED that one glass has put us both under the table. Thank goodness we are home watching Jaime Oliver this evening so even if we are toasted it doesn't matter much.

The boy has learned that with his life-style, meds and supplements alcohol is out for him. Not a good combination.  We had discussed drinking (and sex, and m--------------, and drugs, and rock and roll) and we pretty much determined that drinking is not a way to go.

The other thing we want to know is what the heck is wrong with the cuter one and I? We had the boy dress appropriately for a job interview today (nice shirt, necktie and slacks) the other parents or kids dressed like they were going to school. HELLO it is a job interview and I DK if it assumed or not Get off your FAT LAZY BUTTS and make your kids dress like they are going out for a job. This is not rocket science here and NO ONE owes you or your offspring anything.

Nice to know I am so good with other people that it takes me a glass of wine to get a little annoyed that my boy was the only one decently dressed for what was supposed to be important.....he was the only one that was there dressed appropriately.

It is time people to ditch the sweat pants for school (only appropriate as a little one age 3 and under) and dress like the general joe average. Aspies need to look like everyone else or they will be eaten alive out on the job market. That doesn't mean dressing like the catalog for one store, it means a combination of things. I have mentioned this before: DRESS LIKE GEN'S which means put on real clothes, Aeropostale pants or shorts, Ambercrombie or Hollister shirts NIKE or REBOCK and then whatever else. Current boy fashion is BLACK sweat socks below the shoes or NO SOCKS at all.  Girls usually go to Express, Ambercrombie or Hollister; flipflops are a fashion necessity -Get Pink from Victoria's Secret. Guess or Forever 21 if you are looking for a little more general attire.

I KNOW I am an old woman but I do pay attention and if we want our kids to be sucessful they MUST look like the gen's in order to succeed.
NOW DO IT and stop procrastinating. Oh and BTW- I don't want to hear any whining about morality and the stores. A big ole whatever for that bit. Our kids need to make more of an effort to look like everyone else. GET over yourself and plan that the best time to hit Hollister and Ambercrombie is first thing when the stores open then worry about getting OUT FAST so you don't run into your kid's acquaintances at the shops.
Now to find the boy Kakhi's for the new internship....Get moving....and prepare for the best!