Thursday, June 2, 2011

Studying for Finals

This is a stressful time for any family.
Hormones run high....stress levels max. It is time for finals. Today's, well not issue, but topic is about when to return those at home textbooks. We were told that they had to have them in tomorrow. Now for those of us parents who do not HAVE omnipresence as a quality, taking the books from us now is kind of like taking us out to the back field, shooting us and leaving us for fodder.

Talk about feeling like a sitting duck.

Although we will be returning the books; the ultimate question is why would we want to keep them? for a sovenier? Bad enough you have to purchase college text books.....blech. Anyway, we are just amused that we have never expected that study guides that are assigned for this weekend require the text books to be back by tomorrow???? The boy was having a kitten (NOT LITERALLY) and the cuter one and I were dumstruck.

Did you know; that organization is an issue for the average Aspie? I know you have heard that before. These darlings are about as organized as your old key drawer. Throw it in and pray you need it someday.....In the mean time....removing needed resources is not a good idea. Frankly, the elevated mood we are in here, we will just start being goofy and possibly make fun of the situation at any given time. We aren't doing it to be mean, but there are times when we have to let it out or go dancing naked on the street.....our neighbors already think we are 3 bricks short of a full load why not add some more??

Now seriously, Study guides should be handed out after spring break. The week after the kids get back. Then give them all the time to work on them Make the darn things accessible online....that would help a lot!! (I would fall down and worship on that one- the hymns would be sung at the top of my voice on the roof of my house) We are teching up our Aspies, and we can't get this stuff on the school website?