Thursday, June 16, 2011

nuthin to do

Actually, that is an exaggeration.
The boy had the week off. He hasn't been doing much but catching up with friends, hanging out, going to movies and cooking.
IT is gettting a little stale. He is bored. We are going back to the gym....these kids need the physcial excercize like nobody's business. and it HURTS. For kids with multiple sensory issues exercise is like an annoying mosquito bite or totally annoying and very painful.

We make him RUN.

He does 2 miles on the treadmill at about 4.5 or higher. If he can talk back it isn't high enough.

He needs to get the nervousness out of him.....he walks from school if he wants, and tells me that his what he is going to do. He works out he is in decent shape and seriously he NEEDS to do this stuff.
Life is so different now.
Kids are inside playing on video games. Zoned out in front of the TV, doing nothing....and NOT getting the magnatizm from the earth into their bodies. Yeah, yeah, tell me I am a freak - Guess what sweetcheeks I am not. IT IS TRUE.
We started using a magnet therapy when our son was younger....about the age of 5 or 6. IT HELPED....and frankly, the boy's bed is the MOST comfortable and it is because of the magnets in the mattress pad.
Sleeping ALL night is a huge deal. Most of these kids don't get decent REM sleep to save their lives. They need to SLEEP....and they need to RUN: we like going to our gym or getting him on a track and making him GO!! until he is tired.

Now for the FOOD bit:

Today I read an article in the Daily Mail. It was about Gwyneth Paltrow's book about food. It sound like a great book. I think the author of the article needed to make an effort though. Feeding your kids new food is not a one shot deal. IT IS MULTIPLE and you FEED THEM THE SAME BLASTED THING UNTIL THEY EAT IT -DUH! The little monsters won't starve to death but YOU have to eat it too and learn to like it.

We eat veggies ALOT and the boy is down 40 + pounds and looks like a different kid. He still LOVES the junk food but he doesn't love the way he feels after he eats it (a permanent spot in the bathroom for at least an hour after). So in our own way we have gone Gwyeth. We are also Jessica Seinfeld the puree queen....and yes we do add veggies to the meat and EAT IT....good stuff man.
I think the fact that the diet and exercise makes the boy look pretty good, be pretty healthy and is working his way to catching up to his classmates....lets hope in the long run this Aspie boy keeps to his roots- veggies/fruit first, then mean then starch then done with the meal.

Yes, it is all about food and the vitamins and the mouth on a kid who has been bored out of his gord today.....thank goodess summer school starts next week.