Sunday, June 5, 2011

The boy

is being obtuse. I know, SHOCKING and Aspie being obtuse... It just does not happen does it? Why would an Aspie be obtuse? Not part of the overall picture. (the sarcasm here is SO thick we could cut it with a knife)

He has decided that it is all in all to me to help him with his finals. I am so enraptured by what he is studying that I decided to go thru HS again just to look at the books

You believe that and I got some swampland in Swaziland to sell you for a gooooood price.

Please. My all in all to ensure he gets good grades. He is so desperate to get out of studying he wants to go to bed early....well we all want to go to bed early....he was up past midnight working on the science study guide and worked all day on the econ for history and the la one is finished ( I think)

The cuter one is giving me a break....quizing the boy on the Russian Revolution about did me in mentally. Not the Revolution itself, I just got the names mixed and the boy was trying to correct me. It was determined that my mental faculties had temporarily left the building and I needed to leave the room. Therefore I did, leave the room that is.

Mentally....well that is another story. I am exhausted and since Aspies learn a little differently than a gen....there is a lot more work involved with finals week than most people realize. I don't beleive that a lot of people KNOW how hard the boy works at school. He has support at home but he is on his game at school and busts his butt.

Finals week means we are all busting out butts. This is the week where Mom and Dad are helping hime keep his game face on so he doesn't come home blubbering idiot. The study guides are handed out a week prior to finals. What is up with that? Fortunatley the Science teacher has a brain and she handed it out weeks prior to that and he has been working on hers for several weeks now, However, the others came home Friday. He needs them all done by Monday. Which means the supports HAVE To be in place at home. Nothing is electronic (!) and we have to help him go over notes, ask him what he needs and then he organizes the materials and we help him if asked to put it in the sections.

Can I just comment here....ELECTRONIC....Send the guides to the kid's e-mails and let them save it on google docs or something and work on it there....all typed and neat and organized. Then if they need to print it off they can. YEA!! Now that is a beautiful thing. YES? You aren't writing new one's every year, so lets just get it up there and let the kids put intio it what they do and it is an easy way to grade what is going least think about it. I am about out of glue stick and staples OK?