Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have a kitty

his name is Master Berticus.

Master Berticus is the chief pet, the number 1 felion and the master of all he surveys. His goals are to protect me when it is night time, to wake me in the AM for food and to tell the other two to leave me alone when I am writing.

Master Berticus is the king of the kitties in this house. Although at the Church of the Three Tabbies he is Brother Bert. Today he is Master Berticus....

The story Bert likes to tell is about how he is related to Cleopatra's royal kitties and he has silken Eygptian tabby cat fur. Master Berticus has  a vivid imagination.

He and I are hiding from the boy studying for finals. I don't want to face the music, or listen to the boy yell. So for today, Bert and I will pretend to be in Cleopatra's Court for a while longer before we brave the frontier of the rest of finals week.