Sunday, June 12, 2011


The boy is now a professional nagger.
If he wants me to do something the pestering, nagging and bothering is almost constant.

As I have said before, if you WANT me to do something don't nag me. I will do it, maybe not as fast as I should, or maybe not as well as you may want but I will get it done to the best of my ability.

Today has been a constant pestering for me to get something added to his Ipod. This is NOT a simple download of a CD. This actually LISTENING to the CD and picking out specific songs. A range from Louis Armstrong to Michael Jackson (at least it is good stuff and not yuck)

Since I am not paid to be his technical advisor .....and I basically have to take the computer apart to get this stuff added I am NOT in a big rush to do this for him. We had some stuff done on the computer and it is worse than it was before I supposedly had it fixed. As I have told the cuter one, next time I will just do it myself.

I should just do the loading and get it done. But the thing is, he expects me to stop, drop and roll at every request he makes (my Mom tells me that is a guy thing). I don't work that way. I have never been very good at being ordered about and "puppy dog" is cute but not quite in my job description. It is the same with laudery and wanting the "right" shorts for school or "Mom, I need this done now, can you stop breathing and please don't do what you need to do and do this NOW?"
 Very subtle.....

If he pokes me again and bugs me to do this for him there will be a problem. Mainly that all electronic privledges will be lost and things will start turning up on E-Bay. I am not a good Mom like some, I don't just stop, drop, and roll.

One would think by now he would know that his Mom doesn't do badgering, nagging and pestering to get something done very well. In fact, the wheels on the Mom bus fall off and for some reason the cab refuses to run and the gas tank ran empty.....I am good like that.