Saturday, June 18, 2011

The wanter got stuck

DELICACY WARNING- For those more delicate readers please don't go past this warning. Language is graphic today and topic is very difficult.
The boy has a "wanter". He also has a "gimme" and "I have to have or I will die with out" and "I need" and the "You are my parents you OWE me". Um, excuse me, what do I owe you? Birth? Life? um, toleration of stuff I didn't realize and then dealing with inane doctors and other issues? I owe him allright. When he becomes famous I am sending him a bill. There was one year where his medical costs were upwards of $5,000.00 (meds, docs, and misc).

You can tell, he lost me at the "YOU OWE ME" part right?

When the wanter gets stuck he drives us NUTS with I want "" and "I want ". Today;s want has been a computer. Not just any Computer but some blasted thing from Microsoft with a free xbox 360 (Bill Gates, you and I need to talk, I know sales suck but HOW could you do this to me? What have I ever done to you?). The entitlement end of this is just beyond anything. I heard the same thing today about something that is going one with extended family- I am not doing what one of them wants, I don't think she is too happy with me but guess what I don't care (sing-song). I have to deal with the boy, his issues, stinky cat pee and acid in the litter box.....what MORE do you want from me?

How else can I put this? It will be a COLD FREEZING DAY IN HELL before the cuter one and I get a Microsoft Laptop and Xbox for him. In fact, the wanter on the boy is being highly creative; he wants us to pay for half of it. Even if we could afford it, after what happened today, well it would be a stretch.

What happened you ask? (Brave soul, you are so valient to ask such a loaded question)

Well first of all, the cuter half took the boy to a dud of a garage sale; the "old man crap" (parts of tools, sockets, just junk) was so bad it would have gone in our garbage....we wouldn't have bothered to sell it. The boy was annoyed to say the least.
Having to help with chores around the house and crush pop cans for recycling ( OH the torture) was so hard for the delicate little flower to bear (whatever). He also helped to make a really great dinner and prior to eating needed a shower...THERE is where the problem began.

Then he had done something else. This is a thing he had been warned about- he BROKE a school item by taking it to the bathroom with him. Taking electronics into the shower with him is a really STUPID thing to do. Yes he did it. I asked him where this piece of electronics was.....and I found it with him, in the shower.

Then I found out more about m____________ and what he is doing. Let's just say it was MORE than I needed to know. I now know the details, and I am kind of shocked but not surprised. I don't want to know about m____________ , my son or any MORE details; from what I saw the stuff on the elecronic was completely inappropriate. OK, it was more than inappropriate. It was p____. Not terrible, just the soft stuff but still not what I want to know about and certainly not what I am prepared for after digging up what I called the "Rumor Weed"

(roots on that sucker was so deep I couldn't even break the dumb thing off). Lets put it this way; today was NOT a stellar day of parenting around here.

In my view, and religious beliefs m____________ is a sin. A good sized one at that. Trying to get an Aspie who only is thinking about instant gratification and what they want and a stuck wanter.....well using the brains God gave him is just not going to happen. Ergo, the electronic in the bathroom. And yes I walked in grabbed it and it is hidden. Fortunately the boy genius didn't get it wet; but as clumsy as he is and and since he is the boy genius....well he is darn lucky. He could have turned into roast boy....which right now after dealing with a stuck wanter all day could be a reasonable alternative if he lived with canibals (we aren't , we barely eat meat, I like white beans better or portobello mushrooms).

Nonetheless, he is not grasping the issue here. The issue is taking a piece of electronics into the shower, not what he was doing with it. (RIGHT now I have bigger fish to fry. Going into the sin of ,m_________ is so abstract for the boy we are just beyond what we are able to discuss with him. He is great about some stuff and THICKER THAN THE BLASTED PLANK about other stuff.

On the other end of the house....I need a new mascara that doesn't give me raccoon eyes....I would really rather discuss that
........than talk about the boy and his bathroom habits. That is so TMI and I don't want to know but because the boy is what he is and is doing what he does we have to talk about detail at length and until I want to crawl under a rock and hide.

The highs are so high and the lows are so low.

I need my Bliss catalog, maybe I can find something good in there I really need to pretend I am NOT dealing with all this right now..