Wednesday, June 29, 2011

blips on the radar

We have some blips on the radar today. Most came thru via  a phone message that was NOT clearly written. When I got ahold of the person who wrote it and explained that WHAT she wrote made it sound like the boy was flunking drivers ed for missing a class (the day after a tornado and the power was out all over) I think the writer was a little sutprised. My initial reaction was "HEY! the kid hasn't even taken his first driving test yet and according to what YOU said he is now flunking drivers ed. What is up with that? Why are we even bothering?"
I was then told that he isn't flunking but may need to take a class during the day. I then asked if I have to take the day off of work to get him to class. As it is I will have to take him if it is day time....he isn't set up for transportation services. That and he has things during the day....the reason he is in a later class is because he CAN'Tget there any sooner. (can I say it??? Please? Duh)

Once she remembered that the driver's ed class was in fact cancelled that day she then realized WHY the switchboard was lit up like a Christmas tree. I wasn't the only parent ready to flip out over this one. I have even offered my superior organizational skills to their office. They really neeed me and I think you should agree and tell them so. The boy is mortified. I told him what I did and he is not amused with my antics///// what an old poop. I just decided that being nice is fine; asking why the boy is flunking when the last I knew he was getting a B in the class is another deal. I used humor, and the girls near my desk at work gave me chocolate to make be feel

As I have mentioned recently the boy is seeing how we handle things. Now I will say we aren't the best at dealing with companies that tell fibs or don't complete jobs appropriately.....The mystery of the missing branches....we went all  over the yard over the weekend and found branches from the tree trimming job from THAT company (dont' use them go elsewhere) and the branches were in the front yard and now they are gone.....It must have been the "Troll Momma" that came and got least that is what we tell the boy. For some reason he doesn't believe us. :-)

Anyway enough silliness.

I was informed that I am too blunt, I should not say what I think nor should I tell someone of "power" that "They need help with organizational issues and they should hire me to come in and fix it." As it was put to me, "Not everyone needs to hear your opinion all the time and you are not going to get anywhere with telling someone like that what you think." (essentially, my thoughts don't count- nice)

HMMMMM.....lets see.....the person I have said that to knows that I tell it like I see it and if they want an opinion they will get a very honest one plus a lot of extra help from me.
Maybe some people don't know as much as they think they do. Or maybe I am just waiting for the time that I don't have to see the naysayers in my life anymore......