Friday, May 21, 2010

We have to do our homework.

Doing our homework...been there done that. Both my husband and I have done homework. Many evenings it becomes a dramatic household event. WE won't let him off the hook, bad people that we are. I mean really, how dare we expect him to do his homework and do it right the first time. Who do we think we are anyway.

Well, let me tell you. We are the people that can make or break the system of this house. We are not enthused about doing the work FOR YOU but will explain the hard parts, and give you ideas on how to write what you need to write about. We are also the ones that will help you get your thoughts together and discuss the fact that you have no way of telling us the differences between different ethnicities and cultures. (Personally, I am glad about that one). Right now we are tutoring our son with "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. He does not understand why people in the story act the way they do and why they would think others are different than themselves. In our surprise, our explanations are less than what they probably should be. I am not happy that my son is learning racism at school, it has never been taught to him before. It makes me uncomfortable. My husband and I do not differenciate. People are people. That is what my parents taught me and that is what I am teaching my son. I don't care if you are purple with pink polka dots, you look just fine to me.

I wish sometimes people would look at my son and see what a cool person he is. Instead they examine his behavior or his questions and determine what and who he is from that. It is wrong, it is agrivating and it makes me sad. He is not given his full potential because people think he is limted because of his autism, instead they should see what he does BECAUSE he has autism. Think outside the box, left of center, or the square peg in the round hole. WHATEVER you think it is fine, but pigenholing my kid is not acceptable because he is focused, had ideas and wants to do new things.

My son tells me he relates to the "Bein' Green" song. He says it is because people treat him differently because of his Aspergers. Pretty sad that our kid knows he is treated differently but couldn't tell you what was different about the kids who were visiting their HS church program last week.

But he is different, people know it and won't give him a chance. What a sad loss for everyone. Not for me though, I won't give the kid a break about his homework.

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