Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day aka Day from Aspie land.

Holidays are kind of a drag. Not for most people, but it is something I don't generally look forward to. Generally my son has been up sinc about 4 or 5 AM jumping out of his skin excited. Spends the day jabbering all day, never shuts up and then finally we are able to quiet him and get hime to watch a favored TV show like "Pawn Stars" or "Iron Chef America". Really the jabbering about nothing can wear us down and out.

His misguided attempts to "love us" is delved into oblique references to purchase us extravagent gifts and things we don't want or need. Frankly, we need nothing. I mean it, nothing. We have too many things, clothes, shoes all of that. There are very FEW things we would keep if we had to sell out; and most of that would be family items that are important to US.

Today was a "jabbering day", at the end of it, we decided to bring our son home early, drop him off for a shower and bed and then take my Mom home. The 3 adults had enough of the constant talking; you know it is bad when my MOM says something aobut it, she never critizes our son for any reason. It came out that yes he did wake at 4 or 5 (although he wouldn't admit the time). It is days liek this that we doubt he will make it. Deep down we KNOW he will, but when you have to suffer through HOURS of constant talking aobut NOTHING it is difficult to determine what is what. Right now he is on his bed, resting and he has had his meds and is going to go to sleep soon. It is hard to realize that he is going to be grown and do great things after a day like today. It is too much to hope and pray for. Although, there are people who have great faith, I hope I am one of them. I think I am but sometimes I doubt myself more than I should.

Today at church we heard Byron Pitts speak. He has a story you wouldn't beleive. His mother (I love her) was told her son should be institutionalized and he would not be able to go to school or do anything. It sounded just like our son. The SAME thing happened to us at our first evaluation when our son was 3. We met Byron, bought his book, and told him WE HAD THE SAME THING HAPPEN TO US. I told him that I told the doc to "Shove it." My son will do the things he needs to do. HE WILL- with God for us who can be against us?

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