Saturday, May 1, 2010

Aliens from another galazy.

Tonight's program on History Channel. Aliens. Do we come from Aliens? What are aliens? Today I feel like an alien, but that is the antibiotics talking.

This is the kind of stuff that gets me thinking; why do our kids think differently than the gens? Today, our son had Service Club. This could involve a multitude of things. Going from painting houses, to helping at a dance, to working on a haunted house. Today's deal was setting up for Special Olympics. The question he asked in the car was, "Why am I not participating in Special Olympics? I am disabled." My husband had a great response, "You are not disabled, you think differently. Special Olympics is for people who are disabled and it is their time to shine and show what they can do and how they do it." He took it well. Then when we pointed out that he is in regular sports and that he is allowed to do a bunch of things that are above and beyond what other kids like him do, I think it really hit home.

When we asked him about what they did, we were told that he unloaded boxes, road around in a campus golf cart (way cool) and then set up some other stuff. There were about 7 of them and they finished an hour earlier than expected. Even more cool. I think getting him involved in different activities is a real bonus for him. He learned how to help, he is compassionate towards others and he is trying to get into understanding how others feel.

Gosh, I need to work on that too. I hacked off my husband tonight with not being able to decide what movie to watch...for the defense, I had woken from a 4 hour nap (still sick), was still groggy and not mentally alert enough to be caring about what to watch let alone actually watching something that makes me feel bad, or just is a tear jerker...neither I have the tolerance for. There are times I miss generic/lame TV. There is nothing I am truely into on the tube. I don't have the habit. Although in the early 80's I turned down Friday night dates to watch Dallas, Knots Landing and other programs. When I went away to college, I just stopped. I had a good reason, the houseparents kids were in the TV room and it made me uncomfortable to be in there with them watching smarmy TV. So for more than 1/2 the year for 4 years I rarely watched TV. It eventually turned me into a TV snob. Now my husband and son think I am a pain in the neck.

Another thing, Dr. Demando, or my son, is still in the instant "Let me do it now" mode. UGH. I won't, merely because he needs to wait and I want him to think about what he is asking for and how it could affecto thers. That I and I am using the computer and he doesn't need to look up a book series right now.

I msut be feeling better, I coudl really go for some chocolate cake.

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