Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Living with Lee.

Not really, it should say living with Lee fallout. Our son is learnign something new about fads, or flashes in a pan. Not that Lee is either, but I am going to let him be the fall guy this evening.

After weeks of hearing aobut htis young man at school, my son has finally had enough. I think we fixed the immediate problem, but when I mentioned to him that I girl I went to school with became the First Lady of a country smaller than the state of NJ...he thought that was nuts. How could I not be jealous of her? was the first question...hmmm, dealing with the issues of a small possibly war torn country and I am supposed to be jealous? what for? Better her than me. I have to work hard enough every day...being responsible for all that is just beyond me. UGH.

I think it is all inperspective.

I think it is cool that if Lee does win, everyone does. THis young man has faced a number of issues, and going to school and doing all that is only part of it. I am of the belief that if he does win or come darn close, he will but the special ed community in this area on its head. Not that it would be a bad thing, to show that special kids are just that SPECIAL KIDS! Theya re as talented as everyone else, sometimes it might take longer, but they can do it.

So what now? It is time for us to keep things on an even keel. I know the excitement at school is overwhelming for my son. He is not able to keep his emothions at bay and htat we are supposed to be working with him through all of this stuff. Lets hope he can keep his head together and not get too noisey about his own opinoin.
Goodness, you can tell I am tired I am all over the place tonight. Gotta work on the focus. :-)

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