Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Oh look I breathed today, I deserve a treat."

today is a weird day for us. Big shock there right>? How many weird things happen to us that we start calling it all weird and we are done with whatever?
It is weird. My son fell asleep after dinner, I got a business call that I had to take, and my son crashed out on the chair and then soon after went to bed.
I don't know if anyone has heard this before but I have heard that kids on the autism spectrum don't make enough melatonin naturally and taking a supplement periodically will help them get the rest they need and be able to function in a slightly more "normal" fashion. Lack of deep REM sleep is a major problem for my son. I can tell when it isn't happening. How, you ask?

The "gimme's" or the "wanter" gets stuck and he goes all OCD over all the stuff on the planet that he wants to have. He nags, whines, begs, and basically turns us into stoic mean monsters who won't give him a reward for breathing. At least that is what it feels like to us. Kind of a pain in the neck really. This type of behavior makes my husband and I worse. I am more adament than ever that I WON'T take him someplace or do special treats with him when he acts like a booger. HE will learn that treating people you love like they are just here to give you stuff is not loving that person it is using them. That isn't love. and it is a perception problem that many Aspies have. I won't tolerate it, once again, it is something that will be trained out of him, until I am certain that he learned it. (See what happens when you tell me what to do, liek the kids I will do the opposite, I am good like that)

Tonight he tried again for a new video game. It has made me more determined than ever to NOT give it to him. In fact, I am thinking about moving the hiding place and/or returning it to the store just to make the nagging stop. Oddly enough, he isn't allowed to play most of his video games anyway so nagging me for another one is just silly. He sees it as an acquisition and not as a thing to work towards. Last night we were saying to him, "Oh look I breathed today, I deserve a treat." Hello, that just sounds ridiculous. I think this AM he finally got it, although it took all my self control not to throw the game in the garbage and say, "Forget about it kid."

How much do we get to do? what MORE can we do wrong or right? Today it doesn't feel like much is going right. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. Not like Scarlett in GWTW, "I'll think about it tomorrow."