Sunday, May 30, 2010

No particular place to go

TOday I have no particular place to go. I mean, we have church, and stuff to do but there is nothing special for me to go on about. Our son is doing well with the last days of school, he has summer school, and is going to be in fine shape for the fall. He is going to a camp with church for a couple days, and then sports camp in the evenings.
It is strange for us to have such a "calm" summer. We do notice thought that there are MANY behavior issues if he doesn't exercise enough. The new house rules have been 500 pulls on the cardio glide and 500 jumping jacks. He seems to do better after all that and a good shower.
WE are stil dealing with the hygeine issue though. Hair washing is a thing that isn't getting done, right or should I say appropriately, the shampoo is being rinsed away in his hands and not making it to his hair. I had to show him how to do it to get the hair clean and get the flakes out. This kind of grosses me out a bit but at least he is going to learn to do it right. SInce the soap isn't making it to his hair we hve to find a better way to get the hair clean. Good thing it is short.
Last night he asked me WHY I liked watching certain movies over, I don't do it often, but if I am scrapbooking or organzing stuff it is kind of nice to be able to watch things that i don't have to think about the plot or the story, I already know them too well and can do other things with this as a background noise or somthing. Kind of brainless really but there are times when it can help me not think about what I am doing.

There is a  thing I have stuggled with lately, as a parent, my son has a study guide for a class. Now I will say that this class is not a class he needs to mess about it, but the other students are a problem for him. Most of them have IEP's and Behavior issues. The teachers are used to parents who don't give a rat's butt about what is going on in their class. The study guide for the final appears to be formatted in such a way that the teachers are planning on keeping the kids in the class type for as long as they can. It is job security. Anyway, I have been helping my son organize and work on his study guide. It is a long on and has taken up a notebook and several days. My thought is, should I be helping him with this or is that cheating him out of getting a poor grade? He isn't doing this himself and he did ask me to help him set it up so I don;t know if I am being the hovering pain in the neck Mom or if I am legitimately helping him with the learning process.
If you have a comment, please post it here or on FB or where ever. I would be interested in seeing what you all have to say.