Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Helping the.....

Oh man, what now. I get to help do what? find what? where? Oh in my son's toom (call HAZMAT STAT). The boy has collected and NOT PUT AWAY so much stuff (he hates it when I say "Crap") that there is very little place to walk. No room for more books, and no room for his collection of games and misc stuff. the space in his room is limted to a path. This kid is a major horder and we will have to bite the bullet and go through it again. unlike real horders, he lets us go thru the room and clean it out. We can do it as long as he isn't there watching us. Which to me is weird, but OK. My main goal is to be able to walk into the room itself and try to teach him to put stuff away so he can find it again. Not my job to find it if he can't tell me where it is at. His incapability to keep his room clean normally makes me shut the door during the day so I can't look in there. My cousin once told me that she thought it funny that I would show her his room and then state, "Use your imagination, and imagine the room clean, because that is the only way it will happen."

I will never claim to be a "Suzy Homemaker" I am of the belief that my generation was not brought up to that. I was always told to "Get a job, get experience, work hard" there wasn't much talk about housework and making dinner (????). Now here we are teaching the basics to our son. He needs to learn to clean his room and make his bed. Then add the pet responsibilities, and the essentials of hygiene and all that other stuff and there you go a full blown problem. WE are starting at the begining, but when he was younger, we would clean the house when he wasn't home, same with the laundry, and the other responsibilites. The first time he saw us cleaning the house he wanted to know what we were doing, he had never seen us do that before. It was a whole new show to him. He still doesn't get it. We will keep trying.

I think everything takes practice, there are certain things you can't practice away though. Like today, I found out that I wasn't accepted formy masters. It stings, but I can't practice away that I wasn't accepted. So I decided that my new vocation is going to be a "cheerleader" I can do that...shout a lot and jump around. I think I can manage. Kind of like we all don't get to go. I didn't get invited to get my Masters, so I can be mad and stomp around or I can be me, and laugh and decide to do something silly for a while. Whatever works, right? How does all this crap have to do with Aspergers and autism, well accepting that we don't all get to go and that we are supposed to be clean, clean up and stay clean is kind of a big thing. Tehre isn't any middle ground. It all ties into each other.

So we practice, and practice and someday we will be ready and then it will all come together.