Sunday, May 2, 2010

At least he cares....

We all know it is that time of year, and yes I have a sinus infection to beat the band. I have taken one dose of antibiotics and am now on round two. Ever since living in NJ, between a forest preserve and a cranberry bog, my sinuses have been messed up. Then throw 2 years in St Louis (otherwise known as the armpit of the south, you sweat so much all year round there you feel like an armpit) in the mix and I am set for life to have all kinds of sinus issues.

My son is worried. Not only about me working again (!!!!), but about my sinus infection. He told his small group that I am sick and he is scared that I might not be well again because I am an old crab (so what else is new?). It is actually kind of cute, but I did tell his SM leader that I am really fine, just a little stuffed up because of the pollen (at 95% thank you very much).

really it comes down to the compassion piece of the Aspie puzzle. Although his compassion right now is only because he wants an excuse to give me an extra hug and to hang a bit on me, at least he remembers to ask about how I am feeling, even when I growl, "Get off me already."
Hey at least the kid cares.

Oh and if you get a chance, go check out my friend's blog: Midnight in Chicago EXCELLENT article on autism and you all need to check it out.

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