Thursday, May 13, 2010

Many thoughts...

Tonight,I have many thoughts, ideas and concepts running thru my head. What to start with? I think the best thing to discuss is parental responsiblity. WHAT? Aren;t all parents responsible for their kids? DOn't we take care of them, help them and do wht we can to protect them?

I would like to say, "Yes, yes we do."

BUT then there are stories in the news about kids, an autistic 14 year old drew a stick figure picture at school. Naturally it was violent, and the parents are appalled that their kid was suspended. I am appalled that a suspension hasn't happened before. Yeah, I know this isn't a popular viewpoint. But then my husband and I used to tell the middle school to give our son detentions and they wouldn't do it. As I told a friend of mine, there si a lot more to the story that we aren;'t getting. I guess my thought is, why didn't the parents train their child with the third grade mentality to NOT draw pictures like that.

For example, my son has been trained (compare it to a puppy) not to behave like a little jerk in public. He will loose priveleges immediately and has (think of the party we had a month back) . Even 3 year olds can be trained.... and so can any kid. Last night I was at a workshop. This one was typical, crowd of parents looking to "fix" their kids. One parent in particular was having issues with the fact that her son was in classes that would "not allow him to go to college" when I heard that the thought went thru my mind, "What is she doing at home to train him to be ready for college?" Then I thought, "Life is all about the training."

What I hear at a lot of these meetings is that the school needs to fix our kids. What about US taking the parental responsibility seriously and working HARDER with our kids at home. Setting the boundaries, dealing with the guidelines, and yes even making every single stupid video game controller disappear. Our kids need to work harder than the others, we don't have to like it much (on a night like tonight, I am worn clear thru) but it MUST be done. Otherwise, living like we will be around to care for them forever is a fool's game and in the long run really stupid. My son is learning the basics, making his own bed, putting his clothes away and  cleaning up messes. Is this done the way I want it done. Uh, NO, but is it done? Yes it is done. Will I do it over, NO, should I? NO. our kids will only learn by practicng and doing.

The other night my son had a cooking project, he made multiple omlettes, to the point the smell made us almost ill. But in the end he was making an almost perfect french omlette. HE made about 10 of them before the taping was done right. He discovered how difficult putting a show together was, and he learned that the better he did, the more he had done. It all goes back to training and practice. Like the new guy, Lee Dewyze is practicing and getting better by the day. He is working with professionals to learn the craft and work on the music. It is all training and practice.

Not just the schools, job, the parents need to work on this too. It isn't just US and it isn't just THEM it is a team effort, and although as Dr D says, "It might take your son longer to get where he needs to be but you will get him there."

AMEN brother.

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