Sunday, May 16, 2010

Callous? Who ME? ;-)

You are kidding. Right?

I wish.

Today is a weird day, not becase it is a Sunday, but I am speaking metaphorically (ohhhh big word). Over all, TODAY is weird. Jobs are weird, things get so messed up somtimes. Going back to the teaching flexibility thing, there is a lot to be said for that. TEACHING our kids to be flexible by being flexible ourselves. For example, on my own part, I got this great job, albeit temporary, but still cool. I was hell-bent on working in the city and doing all the stuff city people do. It sounded like that was what I was supposed to be doing. Reality got in the way, the resources I required were not there, the computer had little or no access to materials, I got frustrated.  What ended up happening? Well, I am working from home, using the resources I need and a computer that gives me access to everything. We all had to be flexible, my supervisor, the office and, least of all me. Definite object lesson right? My son learned that Mom has to do things sometimes that don't work the way she planned. I can say honestly, I am glad I listened to the train station master and bought a 10 ride pass rather than a monthly pass (another lesson, listen to the experts, sometimes).

Anyway, being flexible is a good thing. It is something else that is taught at home, not just at the school. Several nights ago, I attended a workshop. The focus was for kids to go to college and what they needed. After the presentation I spoke to the college rep. I told her my son needed a tour of the campus, and that I would be willing to bring him when she had the time. She asked me if I wanted to be there, and I told her "No, I have already gone to your school, and did my time. THis is the time for my son to go and get a tour and be ready for college, not me." She looked a little shocked, but then told me to have him call in June and we would set up a tour for him to be there and show him what was available. I don't think many special ed parents realize that we aren't going to be here forever, and although we want our kids to go to college and all that, many times it isn't feasible or practical for us to go trailing along after our kids and make sure everything goes OK.

Yeah, it is harsh, but reality is pretty darn callous too.