Saturday, May 8, 2010

My cats have Autsim

Catchy huh?
They do though, all three have different levels of autism if you look at them closely enough.
For example, T is a lower functioning level, he doesn't want to be touched, nor does he have the social cues to know that if you purr someone is more likely to brush or pet you. He doesn't like either.
Then there is B, he is higher functioning, but demanding. He wants what he wants when he wants it. And you had better be there to pet, feed, play mousie with then and there or it is all over with you.
FInally there is G, now he is almost neurotypical. He demands almost constant attention, and then wants you to do it his way all the way.

So what does this all mean, besides that my husband and I are weird? Well it means that we are observing certain social tendencies in all levels of society. Our son is at a higher function level in some ways and lower in others\. his maturity level needs some work, but he is learning about some new programs, he is watching the series on our computer at night, and is thinking about other things besides cartoons and comic books (YEA!- thank you to the senior who is introducing him to a quasi-historical program).

I think that in a strange way we all do our own things. We all want things fast, now, and do it right the first time. Very typical in the autism world, perfection and OCD all get mixed up in a crazy kalidescope of colors, sounds and vibrations. Desensitizing to those things is costly and time consuming. We did it with our son when he was younger. Had to or never go to a concert or restaurant again...he learned how to place his own order, and when to send the Sprite back when it tastes terrible. He also has been complimented on Manners and other positive behaviors.

Now if we can get the cats to behave better we will be golden, won't we?

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