Tuesday, July 17, 2012


"If you don't respect someone's time, you don't respect them." - Ed Mercer

A friend of mine had this quote on FB. Although there weren't a number of comments on it I thought that the quote was a good one.

Time can mean any number of things to anyone.

The cuter half and I have a lot of time spent doing things.....we are helping the boy, we are discussing what to do next, we are planning out where the boy will be going and what he will be doing and how things are gonna change. It is all time.

Yesterday I was discussing something. I was talking about if the boy was missing something in his services. Honestly, no, I don't beleive he is. But then he requires different things than his friend "J" and "J" has stuff that the boy would never dream of.....so NO the cuter half and I do not see where things are missed out on.
I then started thinking about people, like the hippies I mentioned the other day, that want it all. Every single service they hear about they want it for their kid, whether it be appropriate or not.

That is a waste of resources AND time. If the kid is not well placed at whatever it is, the kid will require EXTRA resources. The placement to whatever it is is fraught with peril, and well, it just doesn't work. If people are COMFORTABLE in their placement, understand where they are working and doing what they are capable of then there isn't the need for additional help.

I think it is important to let the schools do their jobs. It is fine to advocate for your kid. The cute one and I do it regularly (the special ed dept will be doing a conga line with shots when the boy graduates- it's fine, I told them they could the conga over at our house at the graduation party). BUT it is also important to NOT be a kid in the candy store and want everything that everyone else has.

Kind of like being comfortable in your own skin....you are more or less happy where you are and therefore the comfort level is higher, the not looking for what you don't have isn't there because you are COMFORTABLE with what is being offered and there isn't an additional need there. The perception that our kids are missing something is just that. A Perception- it is wrong. Your kid is offered what they can handle. Asking for more may or may not help your kid and more than likely it will do more harm than good.

Wasting people's time makes you look the fool. Not the person who's time you wasted. Those people will more than likely not bother with you again. No one likes people who waste others time; especially when those resources could be used elsewhere and probably to a better purpose.

Be comfortable in your skin. I know that is easier said than done, but if you really KNOW what you need and not what you think you need the constant drain on resources will more than likely end. You will end up KNOWING what is right and appropriate....not just thinking you are missing one more thing (wasting people's time).

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  1. The cuter half and I are re-evaluating HOW we spend our time. We volunteer. A Lot. And since there appears to be a lack of....well a lack of "sumthin" in with those we are volunteering FOR we are re-doing what we think is important.


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