Sunday, July 8, 2012


Compassion is an oxymoron for the boy.
He has it sometimes but there are other times when he is a total incosiderate boob.
Tonight is one of those times.

Dealing with the loss of a family member (on the cuter side- not mine) that the boy didn't really know very well is kind of obscure to him.

We asked for extra consideration from him and subsequently a friend that we forgot was invited to come over today. I got annoyed with both and took away video games and the guest mentioned that he was going to go home and I responded, "Fine call your parents."

I did explain to this friend's parents that today was not a really good time for a visit. We were not mentally prepared for any such thing and we were very distressed over the recent news. Both of us have been on the phone ALOT and out running around trying to finish errands and complete things just in case. I did tell them that we had forgotten the friend was invited and we were just not prepared for much of anything.

The boy is being demanding and prempratory. A typical entitled spoiled brat (we know a number of those). This, the boy tells me, is becuase the cuter half and I bored he and his friend stiff. I am not sure HOW being this bored became our issue but apparently it was because they chose not to go for carnival rides.....

I am SO frustrated with the boy right now....his tone is totally inappropriate and I am ready to let him go to blazes in a handbasket. I know we won't let him.....but right now I feel like it.

The cuter half and I are very sad about this family loss. But then we are glass half full types/pollyanna/baby of the family- so we are a little more sensitive and want to plan it all out and have things "fixed nicely". Most of it is a family role thing and some of it is just respect. Everyone does things in there own ways and that is is all a matter of what is right for each individual ie having compassion.

Ergo, back at the boy being compassionate. I keep saying, "Compassion begins at home." If you aren't compassionate with your immediate family who can you be compassionate with. I am hoping the boy learns this soon. He is driving me nuts with the "I, me, my"

In fact, after a brief discussion with the cuter half, it was determined that we are lacking the empathy part of the picture. The boy although kind, and sometimes considerate has little or no empathy towards the needs of his parents. We have been told that it is typical for a teen (gen or not) to be that way. I hope he outgrows this part right quick....

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