Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Long week

This has been a long week. All the stuff, with internships, work and the boy hanging on me.
I don't get that.
Why does he do that?
It is constant. The chattering, the hanging, then the pouting when I ask him not to.
I don't hate him, but I don't like the feeling of beind 10lbs of meat either. That just sucks.

Maybe it is him being older, when he was little it was with age he has to stop....I don't like being pawed at either. UGH.

Insecurity on his part is some of off kilter mood is another part, When I get like this I don't even want the kitties on my lap. Just give me space and don't touch me.
The boy doesn't get it.

The internship is great. The boy loves it. Loves the location, loves the job- the 5 AM wake up call is killing the cuter one and I. We are like the Pilsbury Dough couple....all pudgy and energy to work out or walk or run or nothing. Being with a kid like ours drains everything out of us. We have no strength or energy left.....all we can do is more year and we are back to the gym...but we have to make it this one more year and hope our old gym is still open.

Then on the weekends the cute one and I run like insane people trying to finish every forsaken chore that needs matter what it is.Ergo....we are too pooped to pop.

I would love to work out.
I would love to loose weight.
I would love to feel like I did 20 years ago.

I am too tired to do much of anything.

The only thing that sounds good right now is Preacher Pillow, Sister Sheet, and Brother Blanket......Those of you who went to college with me know what that means.....

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