Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It is so much easier

to work to the lowest level of expectations.

The cuter half and I were discussing some things today....It's a holiday and we are talking about life, who gets where, what does this do, and why. (We had some free time- I did laundry too and put dishes away from a recent party we had)

Grandma's Cake, by the cuter half

Then we start talking about something a teacher said. It wasn't bad but it was different. She was commenting on how she never met an Aspie like our son before. She knew we were working hard to make certain that the boy would be able to support himself and NOT be a drain on society or expect to live off of SS all of his life. I told her that he was a very special young man and it was highly unlikely that she would EVER meet another one like him in the crux of her career.

Not many of us special needs parents think that way. Most of the ones we have heard about are prepping their basements for permanent occupancy.
Since we don't have a basement that really wouldn't work very well.

So we push, we shove, we insist, we make the boy do all kinds of stuff....he is required to get good grades. He has to do his homework, he has to study and he has to work on the assignments he is home and at school. He has to volunteer, cooperate and be appropriate as much as possible. More so now that several years back.....he had been thru so much and the changes we made 2 years ago were hard but we have no regrets (we got our life back).

The "NEW DEAL" of the house is that he has to work out if he isn't going to a practice of some sort or walking around a lot....we have been out in the heat today and I did make him to 50 jumping jacks to burn off some steam and we will be walking about again this evening. Ergo he has to work out and burn off energy or I will make him do it and he will like it even less. He can pick how he works out but he has to do it and will know if it is done because I can check his Mii on the Wii.

It would be so easier to be a schlocker and not make the boy do anything and let him veg out all day long and just turn into a computer/video game junkie.

No, that teacher is unlikely to meet one like ours in her career. It just takes to darn much work to make these kids step out of their comfort zones and get into tough things.

It wears the parents out too.


  1. Great job on the cake! like it.

    1. Thanks. I will tell the cute one. It was REALLY good. Chocolate, mint and icecream....with cookies. All of her requests on one plate.


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