Friday, July 6, 2012

Gut issues

Gut issues.

For those of you in the know, gut issues is a big deal with our Aspies.
What I mean by gut issues is constipation, bloating and extreme intestinal pain. Our kids live with it. The boy has dealt with it and has almost suceeded but we can still tell if he is extremely crabby for no reason or  has had bloating....he is really "plugged up".

This is not a topic many people like to talk about. TACA is a great group for information. For example, it does matter if regular milk makes someone unable to go....Rice milk has calcium and is easier to digest. This is all stuff we need to look at. On TACA there is a section called GFCF and it goes into the food portion. You can get a grocery list, although most of this is stuff that is available in can find reasonable alternatives for the location of the country you live in. I am not certain what exactly is overseas but I do know that we have followed this, Autism IL and Jamie Oliver with our food choices and how we do and buy things. Jamie is impressive and if you think about it, he is really helping the autsim community with his healthy food choices. We have to choose to decide and we have to show the kids how to make the right choices too.

We make our own bread, with MUCH less gluten than the stores, we eat veggies we have reduced a lot of our carbs AND we are using what we have to feed the three of us. Family was in town recently and we discovered that after eating out almost daily for a couple days the boy, cuter half and I were about ready to expire with all the food we ate that wasn't helping us. The last day we made things AT HOME....and the experience was good for almost everyone. Eating out is OK in moderation but the whole food experience needs changed. We are constantly looking for a place where the food is good and not boiled in grease that you can see.

Although it is hard, I am a carb freak... I love bread, oil, and all that stuff....pasta....and I can have it. Just not like I was. I have to make different choices for b-fast, lunch and diner.
Same with the boy, He has to make the hard choices. He doesn't eat junk makes him physically ill. I know, you think I exaggerate. I'm NOT. He gets sicker than sick eating what we call "crap and garbage".

SO.....drink your water....lots of it now that it is so baking hot. Keep your veggies and fruit and stay away from stuff you may crave but could make you ill in the long term. It is all about choices.

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  1. I got this from a friend and it really made me laugh.....this is so like what we deal with regularly.....


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