Thursday, October 20, 2011

Living with a teen Aspie

We are in the crux of horomones.

Horomones are a confusing and difficult time for any Aspie, male or female. Ours is extremely, well, volitale isn't the right word but it is only one I can think of.

The boy is very mouthy, He gets after the cuter one and I for almost everything. And with that everything is an argument. He beleives he can wear us down to do whta he wants us to do. He's wrong.

This week there has been more talk of a video game club. The boy is eager to join and drop out of sports. It isn't happening. In fact, after the meltdown a couple of nights ago; any video game has been banned from use. I never liked them in the first place, although we did let him have the systems and he had a number of them in his bedroom. We don't have them out any longer....and we are done with the constant talk of playing the games and everything else that goes with it.

Oddly enough, I was ready to bann the games several years back. The cuter one was constantly experiementing and giving the boy chances to play them over and over. Now, with things the way they are even TV and cartoons and favorite programs are off the radar.

I really hate video games....seriously, I really do.

There is no redeeming factor in playing least from my perspective. And it seems like EVEN mentioning a possible club or membership and the boy totally looses it. A lifetime bann is in effect, unless of course the cuter half decides to rescind it. The poor behavior, or meltdowns are even more pronounced these days even with the DISCUSSION of video games.....personally I don't understand why he flips a cork over the dumb things but at this point I am going to make certain his exposure to them is minimal....

I am tired of the arguing and I really do hate video games.