Sunday, October 2, 2011

Who is responsible for Homework?

The boy has homework.
Since it is Sunday evening, and he has squatted the day away....he now informs us that he has a history paper due tomorrow. He SWEARS he told us about it but didn't bother to write it down or remind us again....then he informed us he had study guides due and he lost something or another and.....btw it is our fault it isn't done.

After the cuter one and I reacted rather badly to this news we started enforcing the cracking of the books. the boy is now writing his history paper....and I will edit if he asks me to. He is also doing his science and his other homework.

Finally after we all calmed down I asked him who was in school all day? Not his dad and I, we aren't there- so who is there to figure out what is going on.

I guess that it all comes down to organization. Yes that evil word....but ever so necessary.

I have not been organized last week especially. I forgot to call in scripts today. I forgot all week. I meant to do it, but with all the (for lack of a better word) crap that has been going on I forgot. Completely. I remembered tonight when I started doing the weekly set up....Major oops. I have it called in now, but we will need emergency cover if they can't reach the doc for the refill (hate it when that happens- I knew about it too and should do it RIGHT away instead of waiting.

Very frustrating too.... and like the boy I am more mad at myself that I forgot but I am COMPLETELY exhausted and am still wondering where the heck the weekend went to. As far as I am concerned, there was no weekend....just a lot of dashing here and there and it was completely unrelaxing.....

Definitely need a nap... or at least a good 10 hours of sleep....either would work for me right now....

Oh, and the boy finished his paper....studied for his test and wrote his synopsis....and I think learned a valuable lesson- the parents aren't gonna cover for his sorry butt. He had to haul butt to get the work done and he did a creditable job too.....He has learned that waiting until the last minute is not good for him, his parents or his life outside of school (he is grounded again).

I sound like such a tough mom....actually I hate it. I would rather be the fun, ditzy mom that doesn't have a flipping care in the world. Sigh, just doesn't work that way...