Sunday, October 16, 2011

Going to Paris

When should we leave? No worries, we aren't....If we went on a trip like that I certainly wouldn't talk about it here. There are things inquiring minds don't need to know.

Going on the Paris trip thing: feels kind of like the kids on the outside looking in, it once again seems like gens just up and leave and decide they are going to Paris that morning (I'm going to Paris)....the dichotomy of living in a world where things are scheduled, life is pretty "by the book" excitement happens and the house gets tidied when the boy tells me he invited a friend over (he told us several hours after he asked- at least he let us know) outside the box, to us,  means a friend trusts us enough to drop by and just talk....a trip to Paris (physically or mentally), or out of the continental states sounds like planning a trip to the moon, or at least contemplating a trip to Saturn. For the cuter half and I a dinner in the dining room can feel like a well needed break or a trip to one of our favorite haunts.....or a walk down the Champs Elysee's. (Oh that's right, we don't know what that is do we; not urbane enough here in the Midwest- per someone we met recently who implied we weren't acceptable to meet other people- gosh, we are something aren't we?).

Our latest adventures involve several things, making beer bread, canning applesauce, making homemade pasta sauce, and getting after the boy to do his homework and get off his lazy butt and study. All very mundane, but we can still see that there is art in everything around us...the steam off the stock pot, the burned sugar on the bottom of the is where you find it- and sometimes not always intentionally created by people. (Ohhh that sounds impressive doesn't it?) I am thinking of a picture of grapes that my cousin took several summer back....Absolutely gorgous pictures....not one created by a lanquishing artist....but out in the sun....Although an artist could do the grape pictures justice with pen and ink or in oils.

Keeping the boy busy is another aspect of life that requires some planning. His interests vary, and his tolerance is minimal; like his parents suffering fools is not one of the top ten. Actually, this weekend had the thrill of reorganizing the kitchen cupboards....let me tell you that was excitement. Very thrilling, almost as much as setting some boundaries and sticking to them.

Frankly, it is cold here, I am freezing and I think it is time for a hot cocoa and a hot shower....

The cuter half and I were discussing what we were going to make the boy do now. Largely because if we don't make him, he won't leave his bedroom....and we have to start looking for volunteer opportunities for him in the community after he graduates HS. We have a little time yet but there is some planning to do. He is going to learn to sell stuff on E-bay, how to decide what to sell and some comparative marking too. Sounds like a blast and a half.

I think the trip to Paris sounds like a grand idea....wonder if I could talk the cuter half into it. Doubt it. Maybe a trip to Epcot will do instead- I bet we could talk the cuter half into that one....maybe.