Sunday, October 9, 2011

Barometric Pressure Changes

Recently I asked a friend of ours on FB to ask people about barometric pressure changes. I was thrilled to see we weren't alone.

Initially, when the boy would have problems in the fall I would write it off to his sadness about loosing his grandpa. He worshiped the ground grandpa walked on and misses him terribly every day. I was assuming that the sadness culminated in bad behavior, general disobidience and being just God-awful.

Right now I am thinking I was wrong. Although the above mention FB post is not mine, I did notice a running commentary about the pressure in a kids head, a feeling of disquietude and some other things.

The boy does miss his grandfather terribly. I still remember making the boy's halloween costume that summer and my dad watching me paint, glue and design it all right in front of him. Dad was amazed that I could throw together a costume out of a sweatshirt, spanish moss and some oversized netting....some face paint and a baseball cap and we were a Swamp Monster dude straight out of sci-fi.

Anyway, back to the topic here.....

the barometric pressure changes varies throughout the country. There are some links and articles if  you want to read them:

They have some interesting ideas.

I know on our end the busier the boy is the more tired he is (ie the more oxegen in his brain) and the better we all are (the cuter half and I don't have to listen to yelling-Bonus). We push the sports, the volunteering activites and other things to MAKE him step outside his comfort zone. In life we all have to step ourside our comfort zones and for the boy he has to do it all the time (going to school, going to sports, going to activites- it is all there.) EVERYTHING is outside the zone for him so pushing him harder makes it better for us all in the long run.

As parents, the cuter half and I work harder than most. We are busier than most and we have things we have to do at given times.....either picking up, dropping off or just being around just in case. It doesn't make life easier, and the barometric pressure doesn't help (squirrelly kids are a problem), but it does help that the boy is learning- and even learning how to make his aspergers work for him and not him working for his aspergers.

Dealing appropriately with the barometric pressure changes would help too. Now to get him to recognize the changes for what they are.
which can cause headaches, migranes, dissassociation to almost everything and a very stressed out feeling that has nothing to do with what's going on.....we need a study on this and the effects.