Thursday, October 13, 2011

Show Me!- My Fair Lady

I think that there are days that some teachers should NOT use so many words....this song has been running thru my head since I read an e-mail from one of Abe's teachers. A whole BUNCH of words meaning absolutely nothing.....then to look on a grade website and find out the boy-genius is doing the homework and not turning it in.....he fits in this category too.....

Wasted words....wasting talk; SHOW ME you know don't TELL me you know. Telling me you know something is a waste of my time SHOW ME you know what you are doing. BLECH...if only the boy would get it.....maybe he could teach his teachers something too.

(Abriged Lyrics to the song)
Words! Words! Words! I'm so sick of words!
I get words all day through;
First from him, now from you!
Is that all you blighters can do?
Sing me no song! Read me no rhyme!
Don't waste my time, Show me!
Don't talk of June, Don't talk of fall!
Don't talk at all! Show me!
Never do I ever want to hear another word.
There isn't one I haven't heard.
Say one more word and I'll scream!
Please don't "expl'ine," Show me! Show me!
Don't wait until wrinkles and lines
Pop out all over my brow,
Show me now!