Monday, October 3, 2011

The Sims social network

Have you ever thought about a SIM? Do you look at the game or check it out to see what it is like? When we actually played the REAL SIM game....I pretty much anhilated an entire family....I think I am better at games I can play and leave and not have to think about sending one to the bathroom or something.

Socially, for the boy, things are kind of like the SIMS. It is pretty simple, you have friends, you can't stink and you have to eat and take care of your self. Unfortunatley, socially the boy is kind of like Shrek. He hasn't met Fiona yet and he is still searching for his buddy Donkey.

He tries hard, I've been told too hard, but what do you do with a kid who would LOVE ot have a friend to hang out with. I fear he is too desperate and would do almost anything, but there is nothing I can do about that.
Oddly enough, we were told we should be "modeling friendships" for the boy.

Now my sarcasm comes out, How the heck do we do that when we are so isolated we don't see our good friends and family regularly....and the neighbors are, well less than social (if you are under the age of 7 w/out issues though come join the party).We are planning to do stuff, but when the boy has activities almost every weekend for the next are we supposed to show him that?

Anyway, now we have to model making friends...I am assuming that means I need the boy, the cuter half and myself out on the street corners with signs "We need to make friends fast! Call ___-___-____ for information."

I bet we would find really interesting people. Or at least the bum on the corner would talk to us....who knows.

There are some days I think we should move, but would it really change? Probably not. We have some gens a little older than the boy, nice kids, across the street. They only time they come over is when we have a garage sale. Or at least they did....but why would they want to hang out with a kid who has interests younger than theirs? We don't expect them to, although we probably would feed them and help them with their job hunt and resumes if given the chance. But the acutal being friends with the boy? It is very difficult to see.

The loud voices over here, the boy shouting at us or the general tension is a little high. Trying to get the boy to understand that being the "creepy guy" at school is not a good thing, well it is tough on his parents. We are scared witless.... and he doesn't understand why we worry or what our concerns are. Nor does he care. He is getting too old for somethings and too young to realize that the mistakes now will cost him for the rest of his life. Either that or he is just dumber than a box of rocks....

Now for the nightly battle of the homework. Excuse me folks, I have to go rescue the cuter half from the nightly shout out.....